About Harley-Davidson of Moncton

Toys for Big Boys, now known as the Toys for Big Boys and Harley-Davidson of Moncton, was founded in 1968 by Fred  Northrup, a man with a passion for mechanics. Toys began as a small engine repair shop located in the garage of Fred’s and his wife at the time, Eileen’s home that they shared with their three children, Wendy, Cindy and Larry. 

As the business developed, major brands within the industry signed with Toys for Big Boys to be their dealer within the Greater Moncton Area, Honda® (1968), Harley-Davidson® (1982), KTM®  (1997) and Husqvarna® (2015). From there the repair shop developed into a dealership quickly. 

Since the company’s beginning, Toys for Big Boys has grown and developed throughout the years. In 1970, Fred moved from his garage on Bell Street to a gas station that he renovated at  633 Salisbury Road. Over time the building grew addition after addition, until it was a 10,000  square foot building. In 2005, Larry Northrup, President of the Toys for Big Boys Group, began the construction of a new building at 633 Salisbury Road; in 2006, Toys for Big Boys moved into the new 25,000 square foot building.  

The 21st century brought on major growth us, as Toys for Big Boys became the Toys for Big  Boys Group, which includes Toys for Big Boys Powersports (Honda®, KTM® and Husqvarna®)  and Harley-Davidson® of Moncton. In the spring of 2022, the company will divide to become a group of companies, which will include Toys for Big Boys - Honda, KTM & Husqvarna (633  Salisbury Road) and Harley-Davidson® of Moncton (1809 Main Street). 

The Toys for Big Boys Group provides superior customer service and has an entire team that consists of professionals to support our valued customers. We pride ourselves on having well-trained experts amongst our team that strives for customer satisfaction.

Fred Northrup - Founder of Toys for Big Boys 1943-2006

Fred Northrup founded Toys for Big Boys with a passion for mechanics, a desire to be free of the constraints of working for a huge corporation, and an aim to provide quality service to his customers. These goals combined with the core values of honesty and integrity in business have laid the foundation to what has become one of the most successful business enterprises in the Greater Moncton Area. 

Fred Northrup was born in Moncton on August 18, 1943. A resident of Cornhill Street in the City  Centre, he grew up in a close-knit neighborhood filled with the spirit of community. Married at an early age to his first wife, Eileen, he welcomed the births of daughters Wendy and Cindy, and son Larry. A family man and a keen sportsman, Fred loved the outdoors, revelling in fishing,  hunting, and camping, and as the advent of the snowmobile ushered in the powersports era, he embraced that sport as well. An early career as a mechanist at C.N. gave way to Fred’s ambition to enter into business for himself. So, with humble beginnings and the support of his family, and mother Edna, he embarked on a small enterprise of repairing small engines in the basement of his home in 1968. An expert in repairing snowmobile and motorcycle engines in particular, Fred’s business grew steadily, leading into sales of new power sport vehicles. This new enterprise was aptly named Toys for Big Boys. 

A smart businessman, Fred’s eye for quality and his knowledge of the best performers among products in the marketplace led to the company’s acquisition of the most prestigious names in the power sport and power equipment industry. Successfully weathering the ups and downs in the business climate over the years, the rise of leisure sport to the levels that now exist and the phenomenal growth and expansion of the Greater Moncton Area have all combined to establish the company’s prominent place as a leader in business with a stellar reputation for excellence in goods and services. In this endeavor, Fred was supported by his second wife, Lana Northrup,  who also played a defining role in the successful growth of the company. 

In later life, Fred Northrup turned much of the day-to-day running of the business over to his son, Larry, remaining a valuable mentor, friend, and steward to the company he began well over a third of a century ago. Fred Northrup took an active role in the community and was a member of the Albert County Hunters Association, Ducks Unlimited, Havelock Sportsman Club, Lake  Petitcodiac Preservation Association, and the Elks Club. He was also responsible for founding the Moncton Chapter of the Harley-Davidson® Owners Group. Fred Northrup passed away on  November 30th, 2006. A giant in the business community of Southeastern New Brunswick, he is remembered fondly for his warmth, approachability, sincerity, and friendship. A quiet, gentleman, he subscribed to the old-fashioned approach to business in that his word was his bond and a handshake sealed many deals. Fred Northrup treated his employees like family and his customers were friends and his indelible mark upon the company he founded continues to be felt today.


Larry Northrup - President of the Toys for Big Boys and Harley-Davidson of Moncton

Larry Northrup, President of Toys for Big Boys and Harley-Davidson® of Moncton, has had the advantage of growing up in tandem with a company whose growth has mirrored his own maturity. Working from the ground up in every department within the business, Larry learned that experience is the greatest teacher. His many years as General Manager of Toys for Big  Boys and his finely honed work ethic served him well upon becoming President after the death of his father, Fred Northrup, in 2006. 

A sincere, warm and genuine man, Larry has defined the evolution of Toys for Big Boys with his passion for riding on and off the road. As his family and friends know, he’s never happier than when he’s playing in the dirt, exploring the trails or riding on the open road. In his personal life,  Larry enjoys exploring the outdoors and travelling, with his family, wife Lesley, and daughters,  Keira, Georgia and Isabella, along with their close family friends and four-legged friends. 

A major industry supporter, Larry has had a hand in bringing many events to the city of Moncton and Atlantic Canada, including the National HOG® Rally, National Motor Maids Convention,  Moto Moncton, the Canadian Triple Crown Series and so much more. As an avid motocross rider and fan, Larry is a partner of River Glade Motorsport Park and plays a vital role in the  Atlantic Motocross Series.  

Along with his focus on the industry, Larry is a huge believer in his community and ensures that the Toys for Big Boys Group is involved with local charities, groups and fundraising events throughout the Greater Moncton Area and beyond. 

In his endeavors, Larry is supported by his wife and daughters, as well as the exceptional team at Toys, many of whom have been in the company for as long as 50 years. As Larry says, "The  true strength of any successful company lies within its employees and our people are the  foundation of our success.” 

In some ways, Larry looks at the story of Toys for Big Boys as one of a father and a son. Larry credits his father for his guidance, ”It was a privilege to work closely with my Dad in the company he founded. He has been a mentor, colleague, and best friend.”